Frequently Asked Questions
1If a Digital Nomad wants to visit Greece, what’s the insurance needed?
The Digital Nomads are going to need a Travel or a Global Insurance. There are now insurances that cover many countries of the world and are made exclusively for Digital Nomads. One of them is Safetywings. Before choosing insurance, make sure that it meets your needs and in particular that it cooperates with insurance companies operating in Greece.
2Can a Digital Nomad access public hospitals?
Anyone can access public hospitals. Anyone who is not contracted with an insurance company recognized by public hospitals may need to pay for his/her treatment. The costs of treatment in public hospitals are much cheaper than private health facilities.
3Internet Connection
Internet connections may vary by region and provider. In most big cities, like Rhodes there are ever-growing fiber optic networks that can offer high speeds up to 200 Mbps. However before choosing your accommodation you need to find out if there is an internet connection available and if so at what speed. Regarding the mobile internet, only Athens and Thessaloniki have a 5G network, but in most residential areas there is 4G coverage. To find out about the connection cost, you can visit the websites of the Greek mobile telephony providers in the following links Cosmote, Vodafone, Wind.
4Are there Co-living/Co-working spaces?
There are some Co-Working spaces around Greece, but most cities still don’t have any. For example, in Rhodes, there are still no organized co-living and co-working spaces for the moment. If you want you can create your own "co-living" environment, simply arrange with other digital nomads who want to visit Rhodes and rent a large apartment or villa together. Rhodes as a tourist destination has many such accommodations and even at special preferential prices during the winter months. Public libraries and parks can be used as workplaces if there aren’t any Co-working spaces. Most choose to work in specific cafes which are known for their quiet and friendly environment.
5Are there Digital Nomads communities?
There is a network of digital nomads around Greece. Especially in the big cities like Athens there are groups of nomads who work and live together. You can also find a lot of Facebook Groups where digital nomads who are in Greece meet and schedule various activities.
6How long can I stay at Greece with a Digital Nomad Visa?
The digital nomads visa is for one year and can be extended for a second year, but you must deliver your services solely online and only for abroad (you are not allowed to work for any business seated in Greece).
7Who is eligible and how can I apply?
Visit our homepage to find everything you need about who is eligible and how you can apply for a Digital Nomad Visa.
8Can I visit Greece with a Tourist Visa and stay as a digital nomad?
If you are already legally in Greece and would like to extend your stay, you can apply for the Digital Nomad Visa at the Hellenic Ministry of Migration and Asylum. If you choose to apply in Greece, make sure you have enough time for the application processing period. Mind that a Tourist Visa has up to 90 days duration.
9I have more questions
If you have more questions that are more specific you can have an appointment and visit your nearest Greek Embassy or Consulate.